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With a collective ten years in the music industry playing in a range of different bands and genres, THE PORTRAITS have been together since the bands inception in 2005. The Keegan brother’s head up the rhythm section with Andy Keegan on drums, and Tim Keegan on electric bass and BV’s. This brotherly relationship translates into an unspoken understanding and creates rock solid grooves for master guitarists, Jacob Cole on Electric and Lachie Robertson on Acoustic. Cole’s playing is understated and sublime with achingly beautiful blues lines complimenting Robertson’s gritty and driving strum, and intricate finger picking. Add to this already incredible collaboration singer/songwriter Toni Randle, whose voice is nothing less than intoxicating and has a clarity and purity of tone that is seldom heard in contemporary music, and you have the icing on the cake. THE PORTRAITS music is best described as dramatic pop with definite country and folk elements. Too wordy? In short, it’s just great music. You can be sure that THE PORTRAITS are meant for bigger and better things in the not so distant future so come check out this rockingly melodious band to see what all the hype is about. You won’t be disappointed. SHELLEY ROSSENBURG. Songwriter BMG MUSIC PUBLISHING. NEW YORK.       “THE PORTRAITS" WATCH YOU”
...a lush and thundering piece of alt country soul, which evokes the passionate ripples of Jeff Buckley's Grace”. SIMONE, BEAT MAGAZINE.  

The Portraits Photo Montage - "Fascination - T. Randle"


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